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an etude

 w a s
 r                                // .
 n                             // .
 i                            // .
 n                         // .
 g                       // .
                        // .
 s                    // .
 a                  // .
 n                // .
 g              // .
               // .
 to         // .
 hearts // .
 was vainly
 w  a  r n i n g
 s o u l s broke
 a p a r t   t he 
 i m p ossible
 a n g u i s h
     g l i ded
     in  t h e
o c e a ns of
wistful sounds
t h e  b e guiling
p o t ion  m a d e
d a y s  and notes
v o i c i ng  a lost
h o p e  began to
languish flying
to the cope

•   •   •                                                    

                                         The melody

The music's ghost was flickering at dusk.
Its tune has rippled through any husk
of days and words, was changing like a dream.
That fluttered, roved in the steady stream,
which grown from the heart and didn’t ask.

It charmed all like fairy's shining dust,
while any soul listened to the theme;
and whirls of silence sounded and seemed
the music's ghost...

The world without that had worn a mask
of boredom, nonsense and unwelcome tasks.
The fabric of the life became a scheme,
and falls and flights had dispersed like steam.
Only the memory has ever kept to us

the Music's Ghost...

Please, help me to correct the texts if you can.
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                  s u m м а

Let's will have played no war. Let's keep all as it is. You're needed me so more with each of tiny things, from any dimple on lips to every line on hands. You're too dear to me to scatter us like sand.

Let's don't seek for guilt ore, what nevermore was well. Let's will have played no war, this small personal hell.

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.

kaplya_vetra: (белый квадрат)
I again made translation of a part of the White Knight's story. This is a very free translation only mood of the poem.

                  A midnight melody

Hundreds thousands miles,

hundreds thousands times
are between you and me...
Constellations your smiles
will give me only rhymes.
Nevermore we will meet...
It's so long,
it's so far.
It's so easy for you
to steal my soul song.
And the bright falling star
of my wistful heart

will be of no value...

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.

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It is one from my translations myself's rhymes (written under the pseudonym "White Knight" )
If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it. I'm only learning...

                  It is dawning...

You are softly smiling at your sleep.
Rays of dawn got enmeshed in your eyelashes.
Solar needles quick knit a shining iris,
that is daybreak's train for Spring's peep...

Melting snows rustle and slowly weep
when they're slipping down on the tiling.
And blank pages resign to silence's virus,
which sinks any mind in quiet deeps...

Souls and bodies grow in magic station
from above
within a sunlight's breadth.

Some light touch of your somnolent breath
is more beloved

than lot of declarations...

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