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                At brinks of the heaven

Silence fills brinks of the heaven
like a tune.
Crumbs of stars are bright and heavy.
Peck them, Moon!
Sounds sleep. Nobody hears
Strings by night.
Darkness rocks ether to here
over lights.
The dawn is near and impending,
next day’s breath.
And the World is never ending,

has no Death...

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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                  The Name

Your name lives into whispering of leaves,
in songs of fire and in lapping waves,
in dancing rainbows, prayers on the lips,
in all sunrises and in wails by gales.

The only name, the shadow of the hope,
the empty word, the crying of my soul,
my great sorrow and my unique dope.
It ruins me and it's my Grail bowl...

The simple name... the mirage of a desert,
the islet at the middle of immense depths...
That night of parting made this single present
which is consoling me at endless length.

Your name will be my punishment and joy.

Forevermore this magic can decoy...

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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словом на ветер когда-нибудь стихнет боль высохнет пыль на тропинках чужих дождей сломанной клетью кристаллы всего лишь соль мёртвого моря вчера дорогих идей наново склеив дорогами шрамы снов ноет под кожей привычная тишина порванный леер раздаренных вотще слов перебирает лениво почти волна
где-то внутри...
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an etude

 w a s
 r                                // .
 n                             // .
 i                            // .
 n                         // .
 g                       // .
                        // .
 s                    // .
 a                  // .
 n                // .
 g              // .
               // .
 to         // .
 hearts // .
 was vainly
 w  a  r n i n g
 s o u l s broke
 a p a r t   t he 
 i m p ossible
 a n g u i s h
     g l i ded
     in  t h e
o c e a ns of
wistful sounds
t h e  b e guiling
p o t ion  m a d e
d a y s  and notes
v o i c i ng  a lost
h o p e  began to
languish flying
to the cope

•   •   •                                                    

                                         The melody

The music's ghost was flickering at dusk.
Its tune has rippled through any husk
of days and words, was changing like a dream.
That fluttered, roved in the steady stream,
which grown from the heart and didn’t ask.

It charmed all like fairy's shining dust,
while any soul listened to the theme;
and whirls of silence sounded and seemed
the music's ghost...

The world without that had worn a mask
of boredom, nonsense and unwelcome tasks.
The fabric of the life became a scheme,
and falls and flights had dispersed like steam.
Only the memory has ever kept to us

the Music's Ghost...

Please, help me to correct the texts if you can.
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                  You and I

My armours are the silent mind,
the charming light of elves...
But I am you, and you can find
all answers for yourself.
I'm just a phantom of your dreams
which passed on in your heart,
the point, where meet extremes
and souls grow apart,
the May’s reveries that Fate confined
at novels on your shelf.
I'm only you, and you can find
all answers for yourself...

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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                  Finita la...

Be only true, the sharpened verbal blade.
Let only time has rights to put this point
for every growing through rhymed lines' joints,
Be only true, my sole sharpened blade.

All our words are merely a pond
for our thoughts that will become too tame.
But the same thoughts might have lot other names
and they will have revived in other ponds.

Another life will bring a different game.
But any pain has been a solely pain
and any lie will mix all our paints
when the new life begins the different game...

So everything will pass like any shade.
Be only true, my sole sharpened blade.

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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                                  бывает                 просто = трудно


        `делить        чужую                  тишину


                 от _ того              что                стискивает    сердце

(ст)ранной           немоты                  волною мутной

    где                                     неясно

               выплыть      ли                                тонуть

было бы                         честнее
                                                          мер       и          лекций

выделенных              свыше                       вместо      манн

                     слишком             много


я сойду, пожалуй…


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The |/\|!rror

a triolet by Kaplya Vetra

Please, help me to correct this triolet if you can.
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This is my little autumn rondo.

                  The autumn sky

The autumn sky's a bottomless abyss,

where so just sink in this cool azure bliss
like in a purity of forest winding stream.
There cold Sun's boat floats over dreams
too far and quickly, almost amiss...

Its silent leaf fall charms us like a kiss
of some eluding warm by daybreak's golden beams,
a herald of non-being given seams,
the autumn sky...

Forever the attraction don't dismiss,
and any soul imbibes all of this;
its silence is more fragile, than it seems:
its dark blue deep is placid and supreme,
but in a little while this perfection will miss,

the autumn sky...

I floundered about in English words like a kitten in a bucket full of water :)
Please, help me to bring this text to normal readable form, if it's possible.
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... так, ветром перышко принесло...

    я вплету
вуали облаков
в лёгкий промельк
сизого крыла помнить
счастье сердцу нелегко
а  з а б ы т ь  я просто не
с м о г л а  в омуте небес
н е   с ы щ е ш ь  дна  дни
с т е к ают влагою в песок
в ы с т л а н ы   крапивой
тропы сна устье замыкая
на исток холодны оковы
т и ш и н ы   еле  вьётся
с у м р а ч н а я  н и т ь
череды д о р о г миров
иных через пропасть
м и л о в а т ь –
                                          к  а з ни
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                  s u m м а

Let's will have played no war. Let's keep all as it is. You're needed me so more with each of tiny things, from any dimple on lips to every line on hands. You're too dear to me to scatter us like sand.

Let's don't seek for guilt ore, what nevermore was well. Let's will have played no war, this small personal hell.

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.

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I again made translation of a part of the White Knight's story. This is a very free translation only mood of the poem.

                  A midnight melody

Hundreds thousands miles,

hundreds thousands times
are between you and me...
Constellations your smiles
will give me only rhymes.
Nevermore we will meet...
It's so long,
it's so far.
It's so easy for you
to steal my soul song.
And the bright falling star
of my wistful heart

will be of no value...

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.

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                  the sylph

                             a height of summer
                       stars   have   rolling   down
                    along the sky to autumn  I know
                  all in All  will  haven't been forever
                 and     days   with   birds    will   flit
                 to the warm South   again  by winter
                  they will seek for heat and sunlight
                    which are  so plenty  for  a while
                        but  one  invisible  sadness

   a    circle


                                             i              hot
    height                              s
                 of summer
                                  • • •

If You have found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.


10 Jun 2012 01:51 pm
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Yesterday I played with my translation of this my rhymes.

                  . . . ? ¿ . . .


convert us
we convert
but any
has seeded

we play
the game
games play
          with us
all our
have such
                     a fuss

will play us
to change
        all masks
I can't
            know thus
why need

               those tasks

. . . ? ¿ . . .

If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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... again from the story of the White Knight, because I can't translate Drop or other my rhymes those have compound layers of meanings. Now I don't know how it might be possible to translate such rhymes 

                  The purport

Tell me why does such a bustle need
if everything will have this only end?
Each our miracle will have be hackneyed
And never any broken world will mend.

Fresh juicy fruit will change to foul dust.
Some slime will hide the surface of the Spring.
The time erase all lines of Earth's crust.
The Weird Sister has cut any string.

Every sunrise comes only to sunset
as formerly all roads led in Rome.
All our life is universe's vignette
and our souls vainly ask their home.

So each of deaths is fated from above.

But I believe. I hope. And I love!

If You found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it.
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                  бъётся внутри птицей
странное чувство боли
перевернуть страницу
вспять не хватает воли
переписать печали
перезабыть холод
темной волной жалит
жали ночной омут
жжёт изнутри вьюга
мостиком меж мирами
годы ползут по кругу
неба сизифов камень
давит атлантам плечи

было - пушинки легче...
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It is one from my translations myself's rhymes (written under the pseudonym "White Knight" )
If you found any mistake in the text, please, help me to correct it. I'm only learning...

                  It is dawning...

You are softly smiling at your sleep.
Rays of dawn got enmeshed in your eyelashes.
Solar needles quick knit a shining iris,
that is daybreak's train for Spring's peep...

Melting snows rustle and slowly weep
when they're slipping down on the tiling.
And blank pages resign to silence's virus,
which sinks any mind in quiet deeps...

Souls and bodies grow in magic station
from above
within a sunlight's breadth.

Some light touch of your somnolent breath
is more beloved

than lot of declarations...

т е4 ь

6 Jan 2012 01:30 pm
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ни зима ни осень седая муть растеклась по улицам венам снам надоело помнить прочтя забудь жить и нежить поровну пополам сквозняки и шорохи за стеной за спиной не тени не крылья тьма обрывая нити стирая слой до истока тихо скользить с ума рассыпая на биты и карты лет пёстрым веером по столу тишины как обычно обратной дороги нет кроме троп на другой стороне Луны просто время вышло плетенья слов ни о чём не вовремя никому просто серой мглой проникает в кровь не зима не осень седая муть ...

т А-Я

15 Nov 2011 09:59 pm
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просто снежинка...

           льдинки       слова
   выплести   молитву   любви
      маятно  зиме ли  сперва
белой        тишины      наловить
полные     пригоршни       дорог
      тонки  паутинки  в ночи  
   омут   переступишь    порог    
           сердца и обронишь
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                                      вершина лета
                               катится звезда по
                            склону к осени  я  знаю что 
                          в этом мире всё  не навсегда
                         и быстро улетают  дни  и  стаи
опять к зиме   потянутся на юг
                         искать тепла   и   солнечного 
                           света ещё     в   избытке но 
                               смыкает              круг 
                                             а              печаль
вершины                              я
                    • • •

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