2 Nov 2012

kaplya_vetra: (белый квадрат)

an etude

 w a s
 r                                // .
 n                             // .
 i                            // .
 n                         // .
 g                       // .
                        // .
 s                    // .
 a                  // .
 n                // .
 g              // .
               // .
 to         // .
 hearts // .
 was vainly
 w  a  r n i n g
 s o u l s broke
 a p a r t   t he 
 i m p ossible
 a n g u i s h
     g l i ded
     in  t h e
o c e a ns of
wistful sounds
t h e  b e guiling
p o t ion  m a d e
d a y s  and notes
v o i c i ng  a lost
h o p e  began to
languish flying
to the cope

•   •   •                                                    

                                         The melody

The music's ghost was flickering at dusk.
Its tune has rippled through any husk
of days and words, was changing like a dream.
That fluttered, roved in the steady stream,
which grown from the heart and didn’t ask.

It charmed all like fairy's shining dust,
while any soul listened to the theme;
and whirls of silence sounded and seemed
the music's ghost...

The world without that had worn a mask
of boredom, nonsense and unwelcome tasks.
The fabric of the life became a scheme,
and falls and flights had dispersed like steam.
Only the memory has ever kept to us

the Music's Ghost...

Please, help me to correct the texts if you can.

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